Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paparazzi on Princess Cindyrina : RM1.8million property

Starting from today Princess Cindyrina will bring you on and off paparazzi news on Princess Cindyrina.

This morning Princess Cindyrina is viewing RM1.8million worth of property in Bangsar. Right after she was spotted driving off to another potential high end building looking for new office unit worth millions.
With recent economy slump down did Princess really make that kind of money to give her right to purchase such a high end property?

Don't be fool by Paparazzi!
Princess is currently looking for property for one millionaire she knows!
With current Princess financial position there is no way for her to afford such a high end property!

Recent weekend Princess was spotted strolling by Malacca Straights and Jonker Street for last minute festive shopping!

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