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Valued Voice
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paparazzi on Princess Cindyrina : Princess Craving

Princess was spotted eating at high calories and unhealthy food these days!
Did Princess suffer a high stress life after her recent decision to accept too many responsibilities?
One of paparazzi express his concern to see Princess living her sweet life like this.
On the other hand some praise Princess for her care - less about her weight gaining problem.
She seems to live her life in 'extremely positive' way!

Calanthe Black and White Coffee

Princess need to watch out!
too much spiciness won't do any good to your body!

Full plate of rice,Princess????
or you loose yourself!


wow!!! still have full appetite for dessert like this???
Durian puff anyone???

Festive goodies!!!

2 bowls of Cendol???
Oh Gosh!!! Princess is totally stress out!!!

Princess still can stomach in brownies with ice cream .... Wow! amazing appetite!

Finally ...all wash out with glass of cucumber and lime juice

Oh! what???
The cucumber and lime juice is not the finishing???
There you go another gulping session for Princess..
Chee Cheong Fun with Dried prawn...
mmm... big appetite!

There you go...
The final drink...honey dangui...

Live well Princess..
Paparazzi who follow Princess for the day gained almost 3 kg in one day...he shook his head  and currently in disbelief state!


  1. hi rina, i sure like this post. Congrats!! you did it... its not easy to finish up all the food and eat everything in one sitting, may be not even in one day ..ha ha
    have a nice day

  2. Hi Wan! thank you for visiting...hehehehehe it is all in one day...i love to eat!!!


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