Friday, January 27, 2012

Time to Toss your Yee Sang

Yee Sang or Prosperity Toss is one of the significant must do during Chinese New Year.
Oh! Yee Sang also known as Loh Hei in Cantonese.
It usually consists of raw fish eg. salmon and also shredded mix vegies with variety sauces.
Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore serve this dished for celebration and it normally serve as appetizer due to its symbolism of good luck for new year!

How to toss your Yee Sang?
All at the table stand up and toss the shredded ingredient  into the air using chopsticks while saying various " auspicious wishes" out loud!

It is believed that the height of the toss reflect the height of the diner's growth in fortunes, thus diners are expected to toss enthusiastically

One nasty joke I played when I was young girl...Bad girl!!!

During one of our office Yee Sang day!

Miss A : (whispering) Cindy! do you think this tossing will really bring us luck????
Me : (whispering back to her) mmmm.... last year I did said all the positive words but it goes opposite ways. so this year decided to say something negative and pray things will go opposite way.hihihih
So time to toss 1, 2 , 3.....
I heard Miss A were saying this while tossing the yee sang...
Miss A : (whispering) don't give me money, no luck, no rich,no handsome boyfriend,  i don't want i don't money please...

In my heart... Oh! what the heck!!!!
She really believe me?
I feel bad for her.
The next day, cost me RM8 to pay for another toss of mini Yee Sang and this time I insist her to say good thing out loud.

God Bless her!!!!! She is now happily married with kids and doing quite well!!!

I had 2 plates of mini Yee Sang in a week!!!! God Bless!!!!
Other side dishes Salmon Skin

Tamago with Cod Roe

Prawn Tempura rice for New Year Dinner.... yup!!! I go Japanese instead of Chinese huhuhuhuh

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