Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When you feel unlucky

Today post may be a bit distubed for some of you...
Please read further to understand my good intention!
Let us be thankful to what we have now...

I am not trying to scare everyone off my blog.
On 2 Jan 2012, while having my morning coffee, I read this sad story about this 15 years old girl.

Her name is Sahar Gul from Kabul and she is only 15 years old.
Married off 7 months ago to evil family.
From that day her nightmare begin...
The evil in-law including the bloody husband tortured her like she has no feeling at all.
They tortured her because she don't want to be a prostitute..... hell that family!!!
She is currently being treated in hospital and her condition is totally bizzare state.

Reading all this.... how do you feel?
Your currently life still unfortunate?
Still wanna grumble?

For all...thankful for the shelter, for food,for job,for monthly salary,necessity we own!
When we think our life is pitiful, please think about others who may have been tortured,lost the love ones, nothing to eat - not even a bread crumbs or drop of water!

Let us pray for all human to be at peace!(even though this is totally impossible)
Hope all of us be more ready to face 'that time'!

For Sahar Gul - I pray for your well being and wish you for better life and better future!

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