Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year 2012

Year 2012 will be a challenging year for me.
I am not going to set any resolution this year!
Tired to list resolutions when most of what I listed last year , either half way through or never even get started..... Oh! what the heck!
Checking on the astrologer for Tiger in Dragon year.
Well since Dragon and Tiger when they meet they will fight to the max, then this year Tiger in Dragon year will be noisy...Oh! damn!!!
The reading doesn't motivate me at all. What the heck!

It says :

- Must be careful not to be emotional and control temper this year - Oh! what the heck! when my emotional is totally like a merry go round. My hot temper and impatientness are beyond describe.... ok I will try to slow down!

- be careful not so stubborn - Oh! what the heck! my stubborness is beyond repair hehehe

- career - it says not so lucky...damn! need to work harder this year?

- health - Oh! its says not so lucky too.... mmmm need to take care..

mmmmm... anyway there is millions of people with same astrologer and I am not the only one of that kind...duh!!!! so I will not take all this seriously.

You luck is all about work for it and live your life as you wish....

Oh! gosh... I was swearing a lot to start my first day in year 2012....hahaha anyway ....
Good Luck everyone!!!
Bless New Year 2012 for all!!!!
May all our dreams come true.... work harder folks!!!

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