Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dream PA Search

 Starting this week...

search for Personal Assistant
Criteria :
* Shoulder long hair
* long leg
* at least more than 5ft 5inches
* good body figure
ahhhhhhh..... cut it short...
I am looking for supermodel who can work as PA...

This is me... even if my Boss have his own PA 

 PA will just sit there looking pretty!!!!

yeah.... me... an ANGEL hehehehe

Bitter Sweet in life.... I am survivor and I can do anything as long as I have mood to survive...
I will play dead if I have no reason to live anymore...


  1. can I apply then Rina? wahhhhhhh but I'm not qualified ok sexy yeah I can say hahaha..but I'm not that tall power ouff girl Rina now a pretty PA though you can be also a power puff girl at the same time when your boss needs one the rescue..passing by Rina good morning ;) *hugs*


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