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Valued Voice
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Monday, February 13, 2012

High Unemployment Rate

Read in newspaper on the high unemployment rate in this country and also 'attitude problem' among our graduates.
Being a recruiters myself , I find all these problems can't be cured in a short term basis.
The damage have been done and it will take a while to change this scenario.
Main reason on why our graduates behaving this way - simple!
Most of our lecturer in Uni are not experience in working world and the real world outside there.
They taught our kids base on books and theory.
The lecturer himself / herself are just a graduate students who never experience in real working life.
Most of their teaching are structured and not practical.
It is sad to say our kids think the working life is so beautiful and fantastic.
Therefore many afraid to face the difficulties or unable to cop with the hardship in real life.

Conclusion - ensure our lecturer have an experience in real working life before they are qualified to teach our kids!


  1. Hi rina, I think it is the attitude of the graduate himself- willing or not to face life’s challenges. Ma y be pampered with comfy life at home, with good pocket money, maid to do chores.. just study, eat , sleep..even drive a car in campus… Character building is very important and is not easy.. graduates who go thru hard lives, usually are not choosy.
    Org kita memang dari dulu gitu-malas , tapi , nak mewah n salahkan org lain. have a nive day


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