Monday, February 27, 2012

My Boss Coach

I am still searching for a dream girl.
When you are interviewing , more than 7 years working experience Personal Assistant with at least 5 years working with high level Bosses like CEO and so on.....
How to begin this entry???
mmmm a little lost now since I have too many things to write.
Mainly my experience interviewing all these 'so called' high level PA.

I am one of those interviewer who prefer my candidate to 'be themselves' during the interview but yet she need to know how to carry herself well.
You can get loosen up when you are interviewing with me....hhehehehe ...
how am I going to know who I am working with , if all those during the interview , just put up an act???

One of the candidate is 35 years old lady.
Very ambitious, talkative, not a good listener ( she have problem waiting for questions to finish and straight shooting the answer in the middle of the questions,OH Wow to her!)
she ia lazy...(mmm.... she never fill in the application form proper everything write down as 'refer to my resume')
Oh well filling up an application form maybe a duplication for some people but if you are 'facing' me ....
Everything I require you to do ,there is always a reason behind it.
Example :
* Filling up the application form - I will access you as lazy , not attentive, and sharp if you don't complete it.
* I advertise the recruitment ad as confidential - reason i need to know the initiative of potential candidate... if you call or do some reasearch before you come - good sign!

many more to elaborate further...

Here are some of the candid while interviewing...

Me : What will you do to ask for a decision from a Boss who don't even have time for you?
Lady : mmmmm.... I will start coaching and guide him. So he can make decision faster.
Me : Coaching ? guide? Can you please elaborate further?
Lady : I will make decision for him then!

Ahhhhh.... waste my time. Your resume and working experience may look impressive but you choose the wrong word...damn .... can you use the right wordssssss???

If my Boss find out I hire him a PA who end up coaching and guiding instead of supporting and advise him.... I will be a 'DEAD MEAT'!
ooooppppsss!!!! not meat... but boiled 'VILLAGE VEGETABLE' or end up 'DISSOLVE' to the air. 

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