Thursday, February 16, 2012

O My Valentines!

Early in the morning trapped in horrible traffic!
Everything seems to be not at right!
I thought I left home at 6:30am this morning... huh???
Why did I feel office is like 3 hours more to reach...
Hey people...why you follow me to drive to work?????
(my heart screamed)
Ahhh.... when I think back the rest of other people will be thinking the same like me... huh?
What the heck again!!!

Reached office very late and I don't even have chance to grab my morning latte or even a piece of bread at least.... huhuhuhu poor my stomache...empty again...
One by one problem came and need me to solve...oooohhhhh damn it!!!
Can't you all settle this yourself...
Oh!!! by the way, below my office building, there is a florist....
Of course full of bouquet of roses and adorable teddies.... Ahhhhh!!!! I need to hide up here again until it time to go home.
Avoid shopping malls and restaurants.... at least give those happy couples a place to appreciate each other.
Single like me just go back and sleep...orrrrr... should I roaming along and who know..... jeng jeng...
I feel awkward.... at this age still walk alone...
Sad and lonely too!!! reverse reverse...not that sad and lonely...but I just not in the mood today..

People busy spreading their love on this date and I am busy firing people up here..... hate doing this...
When people will fire me huh?
fire me fire me... or I disappear soon...

Ohhhhh... God show me the mercy today ... when I don't need to open mouth and people make my job easier... give me that letter.....hohohoho at least my heart not that sick and guilty!!!Thank you God!!!! You have been very kind to me in another way!

Maybe I don't have love in this life but I know at least God love me...Thank you and I feel your blessing!

Back home...again horrible jam again.... I thought you people busy dating at the restaurant, movies or at least shopping.... aissshhhhh look like everybody hurrying back home to spread their love?????...aissshhhhh....

Here me go again..... trapped here among all those lovers....huh!!!!
Anybody rushing home????
Ah! me too....
What should I do???
Can't go anywhere ....move forward and its rain heavily too.... Ouuuccchhh!!!!

Continue my journey back home... at least I have a place call home..Thank you God!

Reached home... realise I didn't eat at all....mmmmmm... what should I do with myself nowadays????
Refuse to eat.... and not feeling hungry at all....
I have a feeling my body is shutting down soon...
Sore throat coming... drying inside... fault... I don't drink much this days too...mmmm...
Fever since last Saturday night.... make my body feel tired in the inside.
Heart getting weak and worst....Feel like wanna sleeping and don't need to wake up!!!

I smile from the the outside and end up torturing myself in another way... that is why I still believe I should let it out!!!!
Look like my depression this time use another channel.... hope to come back again with a happy me :(

mmmm.....hope my sore throat don't get worst because I still need my sweet voice...eheh :)

There goes my valentines.... life is extreme and it is no joke at all!!!!

We still be bless in another way...when time to live we live our life happily... when time to go we go with no regrets!!!


  1. Hi Princess- what happened..pity you, caught in the jam always.. the only way is GO LATE TO WORK, GO HOME LATE FROM WORK.. If only your boss allows that ha ha, else no solution kan?
    Hope you find your true valentine soon.. a special person who has a great sense of humor, just like prayers for you dear..
    have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Wan! hehehehehehe... me always grumpy like this kekeke... actually ... I like to be alone hahaha


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