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Valued Voice
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Monday, February 6, 2012

What is in that woman handbag?

photo credit to google  image search
I can say that I am one of those women who can't leave the house without carrying my at least 5kg weight  handbag along with me.
Oh! Big WOW!!!!!
I am not surprise if other woman is carrying something heavier than mine!
Oh! I blame on gadget kekekeke...

Typical content of my handbag...
* Pouch fill with Lip Balm, Lip gloss,lipstick,50ml favourite perfume,25g hand cream,eye drop,mascara,compact powder,eye shadow.
* Wet Tissue ,
* Feminine Hygiene tissue
* Tissue
* Small bottle of sanitizer
* Pen
* Small notepad
* 500ml water bottle
* 1TB external harddrive
* Handphone
* camera
* 2 bottles of supplement
* mints
* Bunion splinter
* Wrist watch
* Wallet
* Coin bag
* Bunch of Keys
* Hair brush
* Sometimes junk food hehehehe...

I am not surprise if my handbag strap can't bear that heavy bearing content. I end up only purchase the less expensive handbag because I expect to change it at least 2 months once! Yeah!!!!

Sometimes I wonder why I can't help myself to reduce the contents????
Oh! I just can't.... I feel unsecure and the needs to bring all is necessary.....

Research were saying the problem with carrying a heavy bag is that while it may not cause you an injury at that time, it has a cummulative effect!

Yeah! so true! I have that severe effect..... shoulder and back pain!!!!

Damn! I could have avoid this....but I still carry that burden with me everywhere I go.... Oh!!!!! I am just a normal woman!!!!


  1. hehehe..with me Rina I carry small bags..I don't know but I feel a little uncomfortable having a large bag..when I was still a bank teller I usually have a separate bag and leave it inside my drawer..but I have friends Rina who really carry big bags with them so it depends really on ourselves..passing by ;)

  2. Sie!!! how nice if i am so simple like you!thank you for passing by :)

  3. hi rina, my back suddenly aches, thinking of the heavy stuff it has to carry… no, I had my share of backaches, I wont carry heavy handbags again.. why don’t you keep a set of those gadgets in your office instead and then slowly change to lightweight. Ha ha, for the sake of your shoulder.. have a nice day dear

    1. Wan! hahahaha... i am learning to reduce my handbag weight day by day!


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