Saturday, February 18, 2012


I don't eat much last week and this week so no food photos to upload.
But I drink cappucino and latte every morning though ,to boost up my day!

I manage to install WhatsApp to my smartphone mid of this week.
Since I change to this smartphone one year ago...this consider my achievement.
Oh! by the way I lost all my contacts from my previous phone.... don't ask me why???
I just don't know how to get it out from there... anyway that phone totally dead now!!!
No WAY I can retrieve all my contacts!
What the heck!!!

You know when we install this WhatsApps all those people who have your number and using this same application will be able to see you online.
All I see is their number and I don't know who they are..... Ohhh What the heck again!!!

Well... I receive messages on those people who knows me but all I see is their number and they start chatting with me and I don't know who they are at all...

I feel rude to ask them who they are.... and up to now I have been chatting with all those numbers who claimed they know me but I don't even know who they are... and my finger too polite because can't even type this sentence ,

"mmmmm... excuse me..sorry! I lost all my contacts because my previous phone is dead...may i know who are you???"

Aissshhhh.... can't bring myself to ask them that!!!!
I don't want to hurt people feeling...
Who knows the other party is so sensitive fella.... well you never know.... so let them feel happy that I still 'know' them...mmmmmmm totally in dilemma!!!

Some of them even want to have lunch with me and I am trying my best to avoid them because I am too embarase to tell them I don't know who they are....Damn!!!!

Later this evening I have my dentist appointment...this totally hotline dentist...damn difficult to get an appointment....they put me at 7pm???? Who see dentist at 7pm????
Oh! hell!!!! me! me! me!
No choice... i need to get it fix by hook or by crook and definately not hook or crook.. i prefer my dentist to fix it for me ...eheh..

Have a good Saturday and Sunday WWW

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