Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anime Hunting

Last week is my Anime Hunting weekend.
Latest craze is Anime from Studio Ghibli ...
Whoa!!!! you see the list of below from Studio Ghibli....
You see top photo on my damage for the weekend to get almost all the collection...
Whoa!!!! Crazy....

This is Totoro (Forest Spirit)
I also met few Anime fanatic on top of one of Sg Wang Anime & Comic shop.
Of course they are all young and 'babies'.
They are all so excited when introduce me the best DVD.
They are not even the seller but just a regular customer.
One even told me about the Cosplay event coming up at Tropicana City Mall on May 20th , 2012.
They told me one could spend thousands just for make up artist fees and costume.
I wish I could turn back time.....
If they know I almost 40 years and now only trying to crazy about all these stuff...........
Uwaaaaaaaaaa......I will be the oldest one....huhuhuhuhuhu

That boy were telling me he will be going as InuYasha (mmmmm.... inuyasha always my favourite anime during my school time)

I imagine myself into cosplay and of course I am 'Sailormoon'!!!!!! hahahahaha

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