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Valued Voice
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ark Ark

Last Friday, I have another embarrassing moment...
What the heck!
I was so busy the whole day up and down and to the right to the left...
Of course the feelings like ...somebody deserve to be brutally murdered!
But of course this just come across my mind.
If I spill it over I will end up in jail and waiting for trial now!!!

Well... the highlight....
I went for dinner with my 'Have a good life friend' after long hectic and stress working day...

I drove into the carpark...
I touch my 'touch n go' card....
The barrier open and flung down to the other side...
Oh! what the heck!!!
My friend and I was like Whoa!!!!
My friend was like ruined the car park barrier!!!
Oh hello.... me don't even put my hand on it!
It just waiting to be spoil...

Anyway, here come the parking part...that place was so damn crowded because everybody wanna watch that F1 concert tonight. I just want to eat ok!
Found parking...... hohohohohoho need to compete with other predator too...
I am more comfortable to park my car , reverse method style.
But since I am in the competitive mood so I end up put my car head in first.
There is a big pillar I am afraid I hit the pillar.
I wound down my window and stuck my head out.
Finally when everything ok....
Then suddenly I feel my head stuck in between of my window.
I was Ark ...Ark...Ark...
Oh! what the heck my finger so damn itchy pressing the button to wound up the window... and my head still not in yet.....
Ah!!!! my friend was like...

Woi woi...woman... what are you trying to do????
Hey!!! stop it!!! you killing yourself!!!1

I was like ark ark finally my finger stop pressing and my torturing moment ended...
Damn it!!! friend was like laughing like mad woman because of my clumsiness...uwaaaaaaaaa....
why I am like this????


  1. hi rina, wow!! for that moment, sounds like your brain did not synchronized with your fingers.
    ha ha Is it because you are a lady driver.ha ha
    just kidding
    have a nice day

  2. oh my Rina be careful girl..ok I had also my blur day like you a lot of times..a was pouring hot water on a toilet bowl for my daughter's bath..I should have poured it on a pail..oh my we deserve a break Rina..passing by and be careful ok ;)

  3. Either you had too many things going on your mind or stress. Do be careful and anyway I have had my share of misfits for the day and for me, its too much of stress and work.

  4. Hi Wan, brain and finger not got it right! anyway i m not hurt hehehe

  5. Hi Sie!oh..all of us have that blur day when we think too much!!! careful... you have kiddo to take care!

  6. Hi! Nava...stressful month for me with work...glad to have you here!


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