Thursday, March 8, 2012


Killer pose

You see black kangaroo??? eheh nooooo I am a monkey!!!

My future seems so bleak and I still can't see the light... oooo GOD!!! help me...

I told you to see my parent earlier... now see...what happen to us???
I have to carry this baby in my stomach even without a wedding... you stupid!!! go far away from me....

gimme...some food!!!!

nom nom nom nom.... its mine mine mine mine...go away you lil brat!!!

nom..nom..nom...nom... call me greedy ...whatever!!!

mmmm... too full... huaarrrgghhh!!! time for afternoon nap..zzzzzzzz

On top of the world......

I reflect......

Gimme! gimme!!! gimmeeeeeeee!!!!! I wanna I wanna!!!!! gimme some food pretty!!!


  1. I am first to comment at my own post...whoa!!! never notice that before..that 'orange' uncle belly look girl!

  2. hahaha..oh you have a twin sister..she commented first hahaha..oh ok monkeys..still scary..I'll hide my white flawless legs, they might scratch it wahhhhhhhhh..there are sooooooo many monkeys roaming around Rina..I remembered the movie ebola virus hahaha..

    1. Hi Sie!!! yeah babe...need to careful...monkey day that day!!! thanks you for coming..have a good day!

  3. Aren't they adorable? long as they don't steal your camera!

    1. I hold on tight to my camera!!! Hi Ann! nice to see you again!

  4. I rather stay away from them, don't want them to snatch anything from me, especially my spectacles. These animals are used to human feeding that they will associate all human as food provider! and will act aggressive when provoke.

  5. Jama, I agree with your statement. I was there observing them for almost 30 minutes. I can say all of them demanding and greedy! hehehe


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