Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Blur Day

We all have our BLUR DAY sometimes.
I face this moment almost everytime... aiyoh!

What confuse things we do during our Blur Day???
Me??? huh!

* Facial Toner become contact lens solution
* Tooth Paste become my facial wash
* Use office access card to enter my house
* Use house key to start my car
* Show my mobile phone at toll gate instead of my smart toll card
* Throw my plate and spoon after eating at home (that is why all my plates and spoon always gone missing)
* Almost forgot to wear my bra to work...damn! lucky I realize it when I am in the car
* Drive pass through the petrol station ..even though your mind keep saying ...you need to pump in the petrol
* Took off my shoes and enter the car bare foot. Left my shoes at car park! damn!!! thank god I have extra shoes in car.
* Trying to pay the cashier at supermarket with my driving license
* This one during those younger days when I took public transport to work... I ordered the bus ticket conductor , one ice lemon tea!!!! damn hilarious when the whole bus passenger were laughing at me.I feel like want to jump off that bus!
* Last week, I walked pass my car.Then, I was wondering where is my car? Did I come to the right level? mmmmm.... then I just walk pass....haiiisssshhh!!!! so embarrassing moment!

That is all I remember for time being...

What do you do during your BLUR DAY?

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