Monday, March 12, 2012

Personal Preference

Happy Monday everyone!!!!
Huaaaarrrgghhhh.... so lazy after the weekend.
Better get ourself cup of long black before we blackout! kekeke...

Our personal preference is ours...
Duh! what kind of statement is this???
Share with you my personal experience.

Case 1
Boss : You decide which hotel you prefer...
Me : OK
In my heart , Boss! you are staying there. Not me!!! If you want me to decide base on my preferences and use your money...... I will go for 6 stars,luxury spa,personal driver,convenient for shopping trips!
Now, how am I going to decide if I will be here in the office.

Case 2
Guy A : Hi! having your dinner alone??? Can I join?
Me : NO! I prefer to eat alone. Please sit at the next table.

Nothing to write today .... so I just write in whatever in my mind.

Wish everyone have good week!!!

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