Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I hate that Doctor

I woke up in the morning with a stupid headache and pain to my neck.
As if somebody hang my neck.
Ah! I can't drive to work with my eyes allmost shut due to this headache too...
Call for sick leave...
When my headache feel a bit better , I went to my usual doctor.
Guess what???
The doctor only be back for another 3 hours.
OMO! my head feel like spinning.
Need to go to the nearest doctor.

Doctor : Where is your pain?
in my heart - OMO! where is my pain????
Me : My head feel like somebody just knock my head to the wall. My neck feel like somebody strangle it. My waist .... I can't sit for too long...hurt!!!!]
Doctor : mmmmm... you have no specific reason.... are you stress???
Me : No!!! I am fine....
Doctor : You are 38 years old still single .... you just got dumped???
In my heart - Doctor you want me to smack your face?????
Me : No no... I am happy to be single...never come to mymind to get married or even have a boyfriend or companion...
Doctor : Just let it out!!!! I know sometimes at this age you will envy people out with boyfriend have family and this will stress you out!!!! Talk to me...
In my heart - Wei!!!! you want to die is it?????? Give me the damn MC and pain killer!!!! Not stab to my wound!!!! What the heck!!!!!
Me : Doctor! I am find being single and I am happy with my life... my work may be stress me and bla bla bla bla...
Doctor : Do you have facebook???
In my heart - serious this fella want to die in my hand today on Tuesday!!!!
Me : No time for small kid games...please write your prescription and one day MC so I can rest for today.
Doctor : Such a waste you don't have facebook .... OK see you soon

Serious, I feel like slapping his face and kick his ass.... I hate I hate that doctor!!!!

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