Monday, April 2, 2012

Me? Uncle?

I received one text message just as...

" Uncle! i want A2 past year ppers.for all subjects. paper 4 only.m/j 2011. Please sms me total price."

Me, was like....

Oh! what the heck?
Me? your uncle?
...mmmmmm...poor girl or boy...I am auntie not uncle...kakakakakaka

I received the same message again on the next day..
I can't help it anymore...

I replied,

" Hi Kiddo! I am Auntie ar...not go find correct number, k..I received ur request no past paper give u :))) "


  1. tsk tsk that person might have misplaced the right number of his uncle or the number was given to that person on purpose to mislead him and unluckily it was your number happens also to me so no worries..what irritates me is when I get miscalls at the middle of the night..visiting you Rina ;)

  2. lmao :D quite irritating when you receive this kind of sms early in the morning.. more irritating when they address you as uncle! haha.. Anyway, chill babe.. at least you make me laugh reading this post ;)

  3. hi rina, sometimes i wonder, whether they are really previous years exam papers.. i am sure the real one can be obtained for free. scam on kids. hate this
    have a nice day

  4. Hi Sie! yeah... it happened to me once in blue moon. So damn piss off!!!! haha

  5. Fida!!! I thought want to ignore the sms...but received twice so...time to response... so uncle for an auntie xoxo

  6. Wan!!! poor student... our time we got it free from our teachers and bad!!! this uncle take advantage on this student... poor auntie cant do anything hehe

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