Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mind your manners Auntie

My dentist appointment last Saturday will be ending after another 2 weeks for 2 treament to go.
Oh! What the heck!
Left side top - need root treatment
Left side bottom - stubborn extra tooth need to be taken out (unwanted tooth)
Right side top - re filled
Look like I have a huge maintenance for my tooth.
Yeah... people may said thats why .... you never take care properly and bla bla bla bla...
Oiiiii.... what are you saying???
I brush my teeth everytime and take care of them too!
Anyway.... seeing a dentist always not a pleasant experience for me... I think not just me..most of us!

After the dentist ,I went to times bookstore and end up shopping for books.
Well I was at this section for travel books and there , one auntie was me shopping for travel book.
I was looking for korea and Japan travel guide and i only saw many of Japan but no korea...suddenly...

eeerrrrkkkkkkk... errkkkkkkk.... so loud ..
and the Auntie left the travel section with the foul smell of her burping... ewwwwww!!!!
Auntie!!!! bad auntie!!! bad auntie!!!1
Where is your manners????
Huh! I quickly ran out from that travel section and go ahead to language section to look for mandarin conversation book.

So...learn to mind your manners when you in public area.
Please care for others around you....
I am still suffer from that foul smell that auntie left me ...bad auntie!

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