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Valued Voice
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Over Qualified?

"You have a good personality.....bla bla bla...
If you are between 25 - 30 years old...bla bla bla.."

" looking for .....bla bla bla...
Age not more than 35 years old bla bla bla "

" bla bla bla...
Female age between 25 - 37 years old bla bla bla "

mmmmm.... growing old become wiser and over qualified!
Eheh! I guess this is the best statement I can come up with just to console my over aged situation right now... uwaaaaaa.... not fair not fair my heart is screaming...

I also want to be a news presenter!
I also want to be in the model search!!!!

ah... I am going crazy ....serious!!!
me? model??? need to loose that nasi lemak flabby from my waist!
me? news presenter??? need to overcome that nervous breakdown in public speaking first!!!

Ah! suddenly lost my direction....just stay where I am now.
If I am wondering again .... I may get lost even farther...isk isk isk...

Just kidding!!!! I just frustrated with my over ageing situation....huhuhu...

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