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Valued Voice
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Phuket and Tsunami

I just arrived from Phuket today at 1:15pm
Then I read this news....Phuket International airport closed on wednesday after tsunami warning....
Just in nick of time... If not I will be among who stranded there...
I heard it hit Phangnga ....mmmm I was there on Friday, Saturday, Sunday ,Monday and Tuesday....and Wednesday too until my flight depart on 10:25am .
When I look down from the plane through my seat window.
Everything look calm and peace.
The sea was emerald green and blue..beautiful with many islands lying around wildly.....
nothing unusual and unexpected blow if it really hit big later.
We never know...
Oh ya! last night I was having a great time listening to reggae song from Bob Marley while eating fresh grilled seafood by the beach at Kata, Phuket. It was like about to rain with lightning and strong wind... 
At first I thought want to just pack the dinner and eat in my room which is about 10 minutes walk.
Change my mind since last night is my last night ... want to have the last feel in Phuket!

Seriously....God Bless... and hope everything all right there...

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  1. hi rina, wonder which part of Indon is going to get hit by such a massive earthquake this time. really pity them.
    luckily you escaped the horror.
    probably a big tsunami too in phuket, unless miraculously the wind shifted direction. Malaysia not mentioned..
    have a nice day


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