Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Puss in the boot

The other day I was in the lift and I overhead this conversation between group of youngsters.
ok ok ..I eardrop kekekeke....
unintentionally...so not a sin kekeke..

Cute Girl with pony tail : Ellie! you watch ledi or not??? Pussy in the boot???
huwahahahahahahaha....ahahahahahaha the whole lift almost hang in between with all the laughter
Boy with superman glass : Wei!!!! what pussy la weiiiii... Puss Puss in the boot!!!!
Cute Girl with pony tail : Ya meh???? not pussy meh??? what is the different???
Boy with superman glass turn red...unable to answer her

Me????  and the other lady beside me.... look at each other and feel like want to slap her face and say your pussy laaaaaa... that one also donno ar????

Lucky my floor reached... if not sure I slap her...

Before I walk out , I over heard the other girl in red..(among their friend) were saying,

Girl in red : Wei! May!!! you make me shy wor!!! i tell u later ...

The other boys....aiyyyoooo!!!

Me???? OMG!!!!

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