Friday, April 20, 2012

Tooth Hurts

Today is Friday I am suppose to be singing sha lalalalalala
But me end up uwaaaa uwaaa uwaaaa isk isk isk
Uwaaaaa... my tooth very hurts since last night....
My dentist appointment only on Saturday 1:30pm.
Have to wait this long...and I can't sleep... I can't eat...
Bad tooth!!!! bad bad bad
I am so suffer.... isk isk isk!!
This week is all about pain.... isk isk isk

All photos credit to google don't blame me if I use it here ...huhuhuhuhu


  1. hi rina, so sorry about you toothache, must be very painful. guess by now your misery is over- have seen your dentist already. happy sunday

  2. ohhh...thats real painful and leave us take some painkiller and wait for your appointment..take care

    Tasty Appetite


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