Saturday, April 28, 2012

Woman side of me

I bought this magazine every month without fail to keep myself updated on fashion, health tip, and many more about women's life.
Recently, I visited their website and I found out.....

I will not be their target audience anymore after next year....mmmm guess need to start scouting for another magazine to suit for my age soon.
Same goes to fashion... I can't be having the same chic style and be 'kawaii' anymore.
The mature side of me need to come out soon... haiissshhh!!!! problem...
.... because it takes time to come out..!!
The 'girl' side of me always there and never give change for the 'woman' side of me to come out...
I am waiting 'woman'!!!!
I am one of those who never goes by age the time I realise I always behind time..
Whatever it is... I just want to live well and die well....Thats my wish!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!! Rest and Relax!

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