Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby or Career or Both?

One of my staff just came back from maternity leave.
After almost 3 weeks she back to work, I only can slot in my time to see her personally to ask on her experience as new mother and also talk about her future career path.

I can sense that her mind is still not strong enough to balance up between her work and her motherhood instinct. She getting emotional and worried about her baby being taken care by her Mom. She only got to see the baby only during weekend due to different location.

She frequently took leave (exceeded entitlement) and always come very late to work.
Many reason given eg. bring baby to clinic, baby sick, baby this baby that...

As employer we are trying to accomodate to your new motherly experience but hey not too long!!! we can't accomodate to you alone forever.
You need to adapt to your new world and balance up.

She will be thinking , I am not an experience mother and don't understand her feeling, right now.

I mentioned to her, you need to adjust yourself, manage your self control, balance up your life and important think of all.... you need to choose your own life path.

Many working mother out there successful with many roles as a mother, wife,daughter and as career woman. I SALUTE THOSE WOMAN!!!!
They gone through all the pain during labor...the are amazing!

As for me, I dare not choose that path on bringing in another life to this world.
Huge responsibility and I could n't bear that!

Happy Mother's Day to all amazing Mothers out there!!!! 

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