Friday, May 11, 2012

Bad Vibes go away ...Good one you are welcome!

This week everything seems not on my side.

I started my week with horrible traffic on Monday morning.
Then the car behind honk at me because I don't move my car forward due to other car is over taking half way. I am kind enough to him the way.
The car who I gave way thought I am honking at him.
Guess what!
He took revenge at me for nothing!
I am innocent!
He drive to my car and knock my mirror and verbal abuse me.
It was in the morning!
I don't care much about what his doing because I am innocent.
However , I took photo of his plate number because I am forgetful and no pen and paper in hand.
When that 'not thankful' cutting line bastard saw that , he got angrier and  to the point trying to knock my car.
Whoa!!!! that fella need anger management and I guess he knew what he did was wrong and trying to defense all the way.
Funny!!!! what is the big issue here???
I really don't understand.
Most of the time I kept quiete and even show peace sign for him to go away. 
But hey!!! that crazy bastard still verbally abuse me all the way.
Oh Gosh!!!! where is that car who honk me just now he need explanation to do.
Thank God! finally its over and I went straight to police station near my office and report his car number.
Hhehehehehe.... just to protect myself.
Anything goes wrong, I had reported him. 
That fella is not a happy person at all and I think his life also full of unhappiness that is why he is bahaving that way.
Thank God my car still alright and Thank God he don't smash my car for nothing!!!! 
The best way to handle this type of situation.... ignore and and try to point to defend yourself. As long as you know you are at the right side. Don't waste energy for all this nonsense!
I can make it worst for him.
I am woman and he is most of the time acting violence.
I could provoke him more make it worst and then report him and make him in trouble and charge him. At least the authority could suspense his driving license and charge him.

Feel pity who sat beside him like a 'big log'.
For me this man look like an abusive husband!

mmmmmm...... guess my temper has improve and my EQ getting better.

I end my weekday with early morning my smart tag does not work at all.
Cash loaded!
Battery at high meter!
I wnet on to two lane both also show 'no smart tag'.
Oiii!!!! what am I showing you my ID is it!!!
At the end took out the touch n go card and went on to touch the panel at the other lane.

I hope to start my weekend with good one!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend everyone!

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