Thursday, May 31, 2012

Centrio SOHO

I am looking for SOHO office for hiding place.
(eheh...the hiding part is just my fantasy)
Well I called the first agent for weekend appointment.
The first agent sounds very not convincing.
I called for Second Agent who sounded more professional.

First agent
- arrived late like a diva with BMW
- only have one unit in hand and ask me to climb the 'bloody' staircase when the weather is freaking hot.
- price mark up like crazy just because of this place is facing to pool - fengshui price that what he said.

Second Agent
- arrived on time
- more humble
- he gave me 3 options
- the price is reasonable and all negotiable

Verdict - I will deal with second agent only.
The property not for me but for one rich fella , I know.
I can't even afford if they offer to sell just a toilet in that unit.

Total conclusion after viewing the surrounding, personally I don't like the outside due to many constructions and massive crowded.

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