Friday, May 25, 2012


I woke up with no voice..yesterday morning.
Wake up???
Eeerrrrr... sleepless night on the night before due to itchy throat...
Damn!!! that bloody germs...Ah!!! me learn how to swear and need to increase my swearing vocab..eheh!!!

End up in clinic and force to stay at home although I insist to Doctor I just want the medicine to clear my throat not the MC.
AH!!!!! Doctor others are dying for MC and you are dying to not having it.

Doc : I will give you drowsy medication, you better stay at home and sleep well.
Me : OK.

Don't want to argue with you la doctor...

Reached home , took the non drowsy medication and hesitate to swallow the drowsy one because I hate to stay on the bed.

Evil me...mmmm lets go to saloon instead.
You need to have a nice hair to boost up the confidence level...

I am at saloon....spending almost 6 hours for rebonding....hahahaha...
I reached back home almost 7:30pm.

My hairstylist comment after the rebonding effect...

Hairstylist : Whoa!!!! see your hair so smooth and straighten like 'Pantene' model. This one ar...even flies also cannot stay on your slippery,horrrr!!!

Me : Yalor!!! that fella fly yeng yeng yeng....then reach my hair and aiyoooooooooo.....plooopppppp...slip down and die...kekekekeke...

The people in the saloon was like huwaaaahahahahahahahahaha... like that oso can ar this amoy!!!

Me only shy...making this joke with my 'pondan' voice.
Sore throat ma!!!!!

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