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Valued Voice
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today is my 4th day on removing gallstones regime .
A bit nervous for the 7th day because I have swallow epsom salt drink twice in a day and drink olive oil with lemon juice at night. Gosh!!! thinking about that.....HORROR!!!!
Back then , I was like suffering when it come to that stage.
Anyway, I made it and walah.... the gallstones 'POP' out on the next day.
Hope this time work alright for me since I am ageing and bet the gallstones is accumulating well in my body and waiting to be out.

I received another recipe from my friend who just delivered baby and this recipe she learnt from her 'confinement care lady'.
The recipe is to expel wind from body.

Very easy. I have not try yet but I think this kind of recipe is manageable especially for person like me...hehehehe

Egg with Mint Leave Soup

Ingredients :

1 bowl of mint leave
2 eggs
2 Clove of garlic
Salt and black pepper to taste
Water as you like

How to cook?

* Heat non stick pan
*Then add in mint leave and stir
* Break open eggs and stir in like a scramble egg
* Add water as much is you like (more soup or less soup , is up to you)
* Add in salt , black pepper and if you like chicken or anchovy cube to taste
* Wait to boil and serve it with hot rice or you could just eat it like that.

Hope this work!!!!


  1. Rina, I hope the stone will come out easily for you.. take care dear!

  2. Hello Fida! hopefully it not too painful for me on D day!!! xoxo Princess!

  3. Hi there..

    Expel wind as in buang angin ke ? Huhu.. Kalau I last time, rasa makan banyak, I amik yg detox tea.. NH detoxlim .. tapi mmg sgt membuang.. It really bring you to the toilet the very next day..

    1. Hi Mai! thank you for visiting :)huiyuh that NH Detoxlim tu sakit la for me. this recepi just normal wind expelled je...macam org lepas deliver tu kan angin satu badan..hehehe


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