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Valued Voice
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Gallstones Delivered

Good morning!!!1
Monday monday!!!
Everybody have a 'heavy heart' to Monday.
Me too...

I delivered my gallstones on Sunday morning.
Counted 7 altogether. Big and small in size of 5 sen coins.

The most suffering moment during this regime is when I drank that Epsom Salt with warm water.
OMG!!! its bitter.
I have to drink twice. One at 6pm and another at 8pm.
I throw up for 6pm one and try to hold on tight for the 8pm.
Between 6:30pm to 10pm I gone through purging moment.
Advice not to go out when you into this regime.
Different body condition different effect.

10pm when time for me to swallow that half cup of olive oil mix with half cup of lemon.
OMG!!!! I feel like I am in 'fear factor' . It just I don't have any prize to look forward to.
Half cup of lemon I squeezed at least 3 whole lemons.
OMG! freaking sour plus freaking oily....ewwwwwwww...the smells of olive oil and when you drink it the oil feel in your mouth...horrible moment but yet its for own health..

At least I dare myself to do this.

Next I will try the artery blockage prevention regime

Happy working everybody!!!!


  1. hi Rina, hey what's up- you got stones? operated at hospital or what? i know your olive oil joke is funny, but why you take oil that for gallstones to come out, or you take after the stones are removed.... confuse pulak. next mission also funny, make sure you do what has been medically proven as effective. iisssh.. ha ha. have a nice and take care dear

    1. hi wan! not a particular reason I just went through this natural 7 days liver detox regime using apple juice,epsom salt and lemon mix olive oil regime. Try it sometimes! it helps.


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