Monday, May 28, 2012

Grapes, Mobile phone and my girlfriend

Last Friday , girlfriend and I went for a nice dinner at KLCC.
We both shared some new menu at Ben's.
Right after we went for some window shopping.
From Window shopping then both attracted to one particular handbag....hehehee
At first both wanted to buy at instant.
Oh well...since both from Finance and accounts background, then both decided to walk further to find other bargain.
Oh well.... after long hours walking...both decide not to buy.
So we are back to Window Shopping concept again.

Then both decide to go down to groceries section. girlfriend and I notice many ladies swamping at mangoes and grapes section.
Out of sudden...I find my girlfriend went missing from my side...
There she is... among all those Aunties choosing the RM5 Australian grapes.
Aiyooooo... I said to myself .
I just stand at one side like a mannequin waiting for her.
She came back with more and more and more and more grapes and ask me to choose the best one for her.
Me choose the grapes for her.
Then both proceeded to another section.
I asked my friend what time is it since I notice so many counter starting to close one by one.
She told me 7:30pm.
I feel weird...then look at my mobile phone clock.
Ah!!! 8:30pm la woman, I told her.
Then I notice my friend frantically searching for her mobile phone.
mmmm... we realize the mobile phone gone from her handbag pocket.
I tried to call her mobile phone after long ring than one man voice answer and hang up.
I called again and this time the line disconnected.
The mobile phone officially got stolen and we believe it is during the grapes hunting session when she was among those crowd.
The mobile phone was with her after we get out from the restaurant.
I was watching her from far and I really can't see anything suspicious at all.

We slowly put back all the items that we suppose to buy and end up went to the telco company to cancel her telephone line.

There you grapes and no mobile phone for my friend.
She came to office this morning with her brand new mobile phone and also number.

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