Thursday, May 3, 2012

Steam my sausage?

I worked long hours last night!
My mind so tired...
I am hungry because I can't find time to eat my breakfast, lunch (no appetite) and dinner...ohhh!!! what the heck!!!
Just forget about it the time I reached home almost 11:00pm. Supper time though!
I don't eat supper!
I went to bed with empty stomach!
Stomach was growling ...not hungrily anymore but angrily...Sorry....I am in 'HUNGER GAME' mode???

One joke make me almost like a fool in front of my 'Boss', called him Big B.

We were talking about breakfast and Big B were asking where can he find a container which he can steam in the microwave.
Then he added... " I need to steam my sausage.... "

Kuawahahahahahahaha...... it was late...I am tired and hungry but my mind still dirty...with double meaning..
My imagination went wild!!!!

'Steam your sausage?????' I kept thinking and of course trying hard not to burst out my laughter!!!!

Ah!!! you just forget about the 'my' . Can't you just say 'Steam sausage for breakfast?'

The conversation continue while I am trying hard not to laugh out loud!

Did I manage to control????

Well...with my not 'lady like' and always 'out of control' ....hahahahaha of course I end up kuawahahahahahaha.... and everybody started staring at me like a weirdo....cracking for no reason...Ah!!! my mind being too creative...

Well....can't help it!!!!

'Steam your sausage???'

What a pity!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Travelling north this weekend!!!! Long hours driving.....uwaaaaaaaa!!!!

Still can't find where throw my camera cable....huhuhuhuhu

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