Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend mood

Happy Friday O my darling blogger!!!
Whoa!!! when me in good mood ...I 'darling' everyone!!!
mmmm if I piss off...hahahaha I #@XX!* everyone....totally mood swing Pricess!!!
Yeayyyyy!!!! today no more Apple juice drinking... just can't take any dinner tonight and tomorrow is the most eeeewwwwww session.

* 6pm Epsom salt with warm water
* 8pm Epsom salt with warm water again
* the most ewwwwwww session is the 10pm Olive Oil and Lemon juice


Can I endure this session???
mmmm... don't want to think so much about this.
Just do it when time comes.

Tomorrow was thinking about pampering myself .
Since I never visit the saloon for more than half a year.... owhhh!!!! that long???
Last visit on October 2011....O what???
I called myself a 'Princess'????
Omo...what kind of Princess is this???
'Shrek Princess' then...O whatever!!!!

Anyway, massage maybe... if I can rise up early tomorrow!
Well this is j

Happy Weekend darling!!!!

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