Monday, June 4, 2012


I was working since last Saturday night and Sunday morning wake up call as early as 7:30am and keep on working until 11:30am. Oh well this is life for me.

Then continue to wish my 'cili' friend who is celebrating 30th birthday.
Oh! Wow! you 30 years old?
To me you still look like teenager, Cili!
Happy birthday to you!

Then was chatting with my another friend Dom and told him my 39th birthday I want both of them to celebrate my birthday 'kaw kaw'.
Question from him, how kaw I want it to be???
My reply to him...Oh well Dom! I have 1 year plus to think the 'kaw ness' hehehehe.

Oh yeay! back about the 'bad omen' last Friday and my action...

My action wrote to the embassy and request for action on the driver, make some of the readers thought I am such a small heart person.
Oh well!!! I don't give a damn!
You are not the one in my shoes so back off!
This is my rant space! Go find your space woman!!!
You are not the one who gone through all those.
The police station experience is the most upset moment for me and still at trauma stage.
Hope don't have to visit this people again.
It is not about monetary lossess but my emotion and mental losses. Trauma! 

Last Saturday, spending my whole morning until almost half a day to just find the suitable place to repair the damage.
The problem now when can I afford to take that long leave when all my leave have been pre planned so much earlier. This is such a hassle to re adjust the whole life back. Maybe next month will be ok to do so but still, need to confirm anything new come along and give me another headache.

I spend went back home and spend the whole afternoon doing my re planning. Ah! such a mess now!

Conclusion for all I can announce to the world I am one emotional and sensitive lady not about small or big heart!
I have a big heart in my own way and small heart my way too.....


Sharing this Severely- FT Island video love this song very much! Tragic!


  1. hi rina, Peace to you too... have a wonderful day. Your mind need some relaxing- dont think about the trauma anymore, just move on and accept is as a lesson learnt- the hard way. i guess there are many similar frustrating stories like yours from the public.. thing never change, cos its the same people working there, serving the public. Problem is, they think they are great with their jobs! take care.

  2. Hi Wan! Oh..that is so true! anyway I am cool now. As usual my action is always dramatic and like the whole is against me at that time hahahaha...peace yo!


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