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Daughter , Parent and Trust

Duties of Daughter
Well this varies and depends on cultures and as for me ......... based from my understanding and point of view :

* study dutifully - complete the higher education
* obtain good job
* obtain higher status in society
* care for old parent (provide and arranging personal care for them to maintain good health and provide good retirement life for them)
* emotional and practical support to your parent
* ensure they don't worry about you

I tried my best for all mentioned.
Fullfill my duties as responsible and good daughter....
Recently , I feel betrayed by them and I have a mix feeling and doubt to them.
This is not the first time and I know this is not their last time too.
The more I resist...the more hateful to them I become....

Currently, I never confront to them for an explaination...why? why?
I know there will be more lies coming out from their mouth and I don't think I could take it anymore.

How shameful I am to what they have done to me.....They are your parent and you are the daughter...nothing can change that!

They brought you up....they give you medicine when you sick previously....and you know you could turn to them when nobody care for you when you paralyse......

Anyway , they are not small kid for us to they are your parent!
Do you think , they will listen?

Realistic way to deal with this -
Just let it be...
Try to fullfill my roles as their daughter whatever I can and be silence about this matter.

Follow my heart -
I may not have heart to face them feeling right now ...want to run away as far as I can and wish they never find me....

How far can I run?
Do I want to live with regret my whole life?

Dilemma... sad...angry...hate!

Ah! don't want to spoil my mood to think about this...... let them deal with The God and I know there time for ultimate judgement.... So be afraid to do bad thing intentionally or unintentionally!

As a human being who in concious mind...... I forgive them.....


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