Friday, June 15, 2012


Friday general knowledge.....

Monday I went to Korean fair at Isetan, KLCC
OMO! feel like in Korean.
Spoil with Korena food choices.
I don't miss the opportunity to get myself one big tupperware of Kimchi....
Since I am one avid fan of Korean Drama.... always see this drink called makgeolli in the drama.

What is Makgeolli?
Makgeolli is a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage.
Makgeolli means "roughly strained".

How they make this makgeolli?
It is made by steaming glutinous rice, non glutinous rice , barley and wheat flour, mixed nuruk (sugar and yeast fermented), malted yeast and water and fermented.
The mixture is pressed to separate the liquid from solids. The liquid is drinkable soon after straining out of the mash without further process such as distillation.

What is different between western wine and Korean wine?
Western wine make from fruits and Korean wine make from grains.

Makgeolli Benefit?
* rich in vitamin B (help relieve fatigue, reviving skin, improving eyesight)
* contains 100 - 1000 times more fiber compare to other drinks (help to stimulate movements of the large intestine, relieving constipation and prevent cardiovascular disease.
* High lactic acid bacteria which ensure regular bowel movements
* can reduce weight

Makgeolli contains about 15% alcohol.....when drinking need to add water to lower down to 5-6%.....

So for muslim...sorry ar...'haram' to try this!

This post just for our knowledge....Happy Weekend!

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