Saturday, June 23, 2012


Tokyo Street @ Pavillion is my favourite hang out place

my anime craze not over yet!

where is the head???? 

ewwwww....still wanna act cute...buek!

satisfy my thirst with ochada

try this season....milk tea called pop eggs treats
the pop eggs is those black color balls inside this milk tea and when pop in your mouth the taste of sweet...freaking sweet to me with coffee flavour...
Verdict : not my favourite taste...

this is my ridiculous reason for buying this fattening junk food


1. its panda....because I have eyes
2. when I am down ...I love to see this cute and pretty things to make it happy
3. Oh well... when I feel angry I like to eat cute and adorable thing and crush my ange away...

Conclusion...mmmmmmm.... totally 'mentally disturb excuses ??? ahah!

They are just adorable...aren't they????

Have a good weekend!!!!

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