Monday, June 25, 2012

Too Boring in Traffic Jam

Put your head up on Monday!
Let me boost up your spirit on Monday morning with this story of mine ..... long time ago...

I went through this horrible traffic jam and not moving even and inch for almost 1 hour.
Yeay! don't you think all of us should just stop the engine and got out from the car and say hi to neighbours???
If possible could share some kit kat and coke...Oh ya! if we have some potato chips would be great too!!!
Oh! all of us wish that...but it never happen....

My situation was worst when my car air cond was broke down....Ouchhhh! seriously hot!!!
Sweating up and down....oh..don't worry it did not come to extend flooded my car yet!
hohohoho..what the heck!

I have no choice to keep my window wind down....damn it!
The air was damn fresh!!!
Smell of mint! no joke!!! oh I am joking!!!

I was so bored to death....!
What I do????
I blast my CD  player.
At that time 'Simple Plan' was freaking hits to the 'bomb'!
The song call 'Untitled'.

Serious.... when it came to the chorus part..... I was singing to the top of my lung with full of feeling.... (imagine that)

The full of feeling chorus and really make me hide myself under the driver seat.....

" How could this happen to me

I made my mistakes

I’ve got no where to run

The night goes on

As I’m fading away

I’m sick of this life

I just wanna scream

How could this happen to me"

You imagine this right after I finished off this last sentence with full of blast and full of emotional and frustration feeling.....

"Pheeeeewitttt!!!! wuhhuhhuhuhuhu... bravo..... so emotional wor "

and...follow with this clapping sounds from my left hand side...

OMO!!!! OMO!!!!
I forgot my car window is not wind up....

I have audience....I have listener....

Turn to the left these guys and girls....was giving me a round applause....

Uwaaaaaa..... me...where should I hide my face....
Car in front please move now...I have emergency no ne no ne no....clear the way quick...I need to get out of here....

Here me up the window close and stay in the the car ....I mean microwave....sauna???
Dare not look at them ...even a tiny tidbit glance to my unwanted FAN!!!!

From that day..... I only listen to the song I can't even korean and chinese song or I got carried away again....

The situation was totally .....OUCHHHHHH!!!!! total embarassment for me.
Me totally nuts!!!! unconcious me....!!!!

Happy Monday!!!

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