Friday, July 13, 2012

FB Like Button

I quit FB almost a year ago...
Well ... the accounts still there to check on what is on and in my circle of friends life.
So called 'silence stalker' hehehehehe...
Since I am a person who has not many friends I only have less than hundreds.
Yeay yeay...what the heck!
Many loves to update status up to their facebook wall.
The rants, the joy and upsetting moment....
At least feel relieve and know there are people around you....some care for you..some try to show you the 'light' and not to forget we have many 'nosy' one...hahaha this is too common in our society!

Many will comments on it...
The 'no comment' will just click on the like button...sometimes at the wrong scenario...
Below.... when today this was up at one of my friend's facebook wall and somebody actually click the like button....
mmmmmm.... this is suppose to be unfortunate could you like it?????
What reason, you need to like it?
If you got nothing to say or don't understand the situation...don't you think you should just remain silence ???

I am trying to keep this positive...maybe this fella like it since the ad is up there???
Hope God protect this boy!
Hope this boy return to his love ones safely.

necessary for this fella to like this???? huh?

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