Saturday, July 7, 2012


OMG! the day before yesterday morning was in the hunt  for dentist.
Finally got the hole fill up...
I followed the doctor advice not to use that section for 24 hours.
I never use it.....I swear!
All I did is flossing it and damn it!
Really turn me into ANGRY BIRD!!!
The filling fall off just like was 4:32pm on Friday evening....during working time!

Dear Miss Dentist!!!!
You use made in China one is it???
Why so fast drop one????
I paid you RM100 for this one hole fill up , you know!!!!
I call you for another appointment you said close at 6pm.
By the time I reached there you close your shop how???
Then you blame me somemore.....Adoiiiii!!!
I am so sad  ....

Now Dentist !!! just want to make money to the max and never emphasis on quality...they go for quantity...WTF!

Wish me luck with my tooth!!!

Happy weekend people!!!!
Me going out to service my car this morning..
Yeah! suppose to do this last saturday but was busy rolling rolling on the bed...hehehehe
Today also my new buy will arrive at my door step...wuhuhuhuhu..can't wait!
I will introduce to my new baby soon...
but as usual...for last weekend feast....

saba bento for my lunch

okonmiyaki or japanese pizza 

mushroom pizza for tea time

hawaian pizza for tea time ... 

Dinner , Sri Melaka @ friend choose mutton rice
so cold...not nice at all

Fresh Prawn fried yee mee...mmmm..the taste so so ...will I here again????
Not ever again.....never!!!!

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