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Friday, July 6, 2012

Teeth tooth teeth

Wednesday night when I was flossing before brushing my teeth....
Ploop!!!! one block of filler fall down...
Damn it the upper tooth so windy now....big hole up there...
Ouccchhh!!! tomorrow is working day...and my dentist is bloody hot dentist...can't even walk in without any appointment...

Ohhhhh!!! who should I find to cover this loop hole????
I wish I wish they have DIY or something I can do on my own to cover this thing!
Gone to bed but ....can't sleep because I am worried about tomorrow..
I need to go to work and I need to go to dentist too... crying because .... in dilemma...
Cannot make decision...

Dentist in the afternoon?
or morning????
Stupid woman huh... simple thing also cannot decide...

Morning time.... my tooth hole getting more and more windy and feeling I can't bear the feeling...
End up hunting for dentist on Thursday morning...

My usual dentist

Me : Miss! is Doctor in?
Nurse : Not yet! but she is coming soon..
Me : The filling she put in for me drop...I need to cover the hole back..
Nurse : You have to wait... start from 9:30am ...every half hour we already have appointment patient. You have see you luck whether any patient didn't turn up then I can slot you in...
Me : Whoa!!! thats so infinity and uncertainty advice to me... I still need to work to pay this dentist cost... I find other then...

2nd dentist

Me : Miss! is Doctor in?
Nurse : She is coming soon..
Me : What time?
Nurse : Wait I call her first!
few minutes later
Nurse : Miss! sorry Doctor said she only can come in the afternoon...because last night she already worked until night time... you want to make appointment???
Me : Do you open at night?
Nurse : No. we close at 6pm sharp!
Me : Never mind...forget it! I will find else where

3rd Dentist
Me : Miss! is Doctor in?
Nurse : Yes! she is in...
Me : I need to re fill the hole on my upper tooth
Nurse : It will cost you RM60 and above!!!!
Me : I don't ask you for the cost...charge whatever... I just want the doctor to cover this damn I can get back to work!!!
Nurse : Ooooo ok!!!! fill in this form and I will call you shortly...

There you go... I wish I don't study accounting...I wish I choose to be a dentist.... but if I start now... study, graduate and training the time I start practicing my age will be around 50 years old.... uwaaaa.... granny dentist with shivering hand....who dare to come to my clinic???

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