Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Last Saturday was at Utama Dental Surgery for implant...
sounds scary ...huh?

waiting area..LCD panel showing on implant process and what suitable and the do s and the don'ts

Reception area...this clinic is specialise doing implant..

They told me to eat before coming...because I have to swallow these whole lot of tablets...ewwwwwww!!!!

Pain killer, anti swelling, antibiotics are among those colorful 'dot dot'.

Doctor came...he show me the X Ray..and explain to me the procedure...then give me shot of anesthetic shot....wait a while for the effect ..while waiting Doctor explain to me again...

Here we go the scary part...
Open you mouth...uwaaaaaaaa....can feel they cut open your gum..I don't feel hurt.
Since my gum is so weak and require bone graph..so there is drilling and wacking to the jaw bone...can feel this too...uwaaaaa...after finish the bone graph then the titanum was planted into the gum...seal this by stiches...then X ray and Doctor explain to me again...nurse gave me medicine and the do and the don't...the whole process took at least 2 hours..

Wallah.... I can feel my right hand cheek was swelling from the inside...
I was advice to eat ice and cooling food.
Avoid hot food and spicy....for 2 weeks...huh??? 2 weeks???
so long ar???
My case doctor said longer time to heal because previous infection went through to the sinus...
Doc said I can't sneeze at all for 2 weeks...OMO!!!
How to hold the sneeze?
I can't blow my nose too..
They said brush teeth cannot disturb the implant location...Obviously!!!!
Doc send me home with loads of pills and liquid to rinse...Uwaaaaa!!!! totally hate that tablets...bitter!

I fasting the next day until now because the medication only require for morning and night!

I am still recovering though!
This Friday morning I will be visiting them for stiches to be taken out!
Mine one will take at least 2 - 3 months for the titanum foundation to stay solid in my jaw bones...

Scary....but I gone through this last saturday which is WICKED!!!!

How much it cost me?
I have to call my credit card for 12 months installment plan.
For one tooth...the price is like one prada bag!

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