Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where you going???

Lately, many 'Chinggus' keep asking me this questions ....
"You don't go for holiday this year?"
" Where is the destination during this coming Christmas?"
" Don't go for trip ar?"
" You not going anywhere meh...this year?"
" So good girl ar this year??? "
" Lets go to Cambodia ? "
" Lets go Japan?"
Huhuuhuhuhuh many more to list......
'Chinggu'!!!! early this year I went to Phuket by the I left airport the Tsunami Alarm was lifted up.
I take this as a sign....not to travel so frequent this year.
Ehehehehe.... actually this is not really the main reason.
I am actually saving money for my Bunion microcurrent treatment in Hong Kong somewhere mid next year. The cost is killing me softly....sob sob isk isk... If  I didn't go I may not be able to walk properly like a normal person. huhuhuhuh...
Anyway, question on whether I am going somewhere for one more holiday at least before end of this year.
I don't know!!!!
I am a spontaneous person too.
Temperamental problem!
So if suddenly my heart said I need to go off somewhere.
I will just disappear but of course with a trace.

Which country in my mind right now????

Ah! don't know....never think to this extend yet but of course the criteria will be either historical sites or wonders of the world or both......

Maybe not going at all and be good girl stay put here in Malaysia save in my kitty bank for medical treatment next year.

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