Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cycle of Life

I went back to home town last weekend..
Brought parent for grocerries shopping ...
While all of them busy shopping...I went on to snap photos on these dead ones...
God Bless 'em!!!
While snapping ..I felt sorry for eating this dead ones...
I am sorry....

I don't eat meat

I ate this...

I don't eat this..

I ate their sisters and relatives and brutal killer ar me?
Reason of this
I need to remind all of you...we are killing other creatures in order to survive...this is what we call survivor game...
Enough of horror....let visit the green...

My place there is famous with oldest trees and beautiful sceneries...this tree is from Taiping Lake Garden...Daebak!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tripping Princess

I embarrased myself again yesterday morning.
Big sigh!
Early morning woke up ...with blur mind...mmmm...not weekend yet???
I need to go to work this morning.
Owwwhhh! I need to drag my luggage and mummy's supplement to my car because I am not coming back here until Sunday morning.

Then ...when I was walking downstairs to my car...
One level I insist to myself I need to exercise down ,so don't take lift.

Here the action drama goes....
There is this lady (yours truly) walking down the stairs through emergency exit door.
One hand drag down luggage gedebum gedebam ....
The other hand carried down the bag with full of manga story books...I think around 20 books.
Add to this bag is 6 bottles of parent supplement which I bought from Guardian. (owwwwhhh...Angel daughter,huh?)
One shoulder with my oversized handbag.
Just imagine how heavy the load is.....
No more hand to open the door.
As usual my not polite attitude way...
I kick open the door with one leg....of course one leg...not two leg..hhehehehe I am not 'Bruce Lee'.
mmmm...let me see...I think 'Bruce Lee' also use one leg to kick,right?
Oh! whatever!

with one kick the door goes ...bam.... and I bam bum bam...
me like superwoman almostface down on the floor with knee down and my luggage left behind me and the other bag and handbag was like flying in front of me.
Me...goes OMO!!!!
The guard who is sitting 3 meters away from the door...was like ...jaw dropping looking at me suddenly sprawling on the floor.

I quickly get up and....collect what ever then quickly throw everything in my car.
With stone pretend this is just my early morning stunt practise.
Once I sit in my car...I was like hurt ouch ouch ouch ...huhuhuhuhuh isk isk isk..
Driving to work with teary eyes....
My knee so painful.
I want to check whether its blue black or bleeding...too bad I wear tight skinny jeans.
Can't even lift my pant up!
No choice got to wait until the next 2 hours to reach office and check this out in my room.

Yes! both knee swollen and blue black.
Thank God no bleeding.
My left hand hurt too....aissshhhhhh....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ah...this is the feeling..


Ah...that slit eyes woman again???

Deepavali coming soon.. 

Check out for thick jeans at Uniqlo...ahhh.. I am too fat for their design..look so pumpkin or jackfruit to be exact...mmmmm

thought wanna go massage but end up that Chinggu want this Ding tea...

I don't like this cold stuff...mmmm..too childish for me to drink this...
I prefer professional latte?
Chinggu said...feel like wanna kick my butt...ah! whatever!!!1
I want to be snobbish ...cannot ar???
I just want that feeling...

I want to get that spagetti strap we went to Sg Wang roof top...
Since over here mainly youngster place...
Chinggu were saying most of the people here is half our age and some can even be our teenage daughter or reply with confident face to this statement is...
Oh! well ...I think I look younger than them...
I got 'baby face' what...see see...
Chinggu said with one hand knocking my head...
What baby???
You almost half century age ledi le...still baby face ar???
Wrinkle all over...big sigh to you...

took selca again to confirm...
Not baby face meh???
I look old???
mmmmm... impossible...
Chinggu... just walk straight ahead with big sigh...with my over confident baby face statement...mmmmmm


Not adorable ke?
so sweet some more....urggghhhh..throwing up blood... reading this post like wanna throw like this???
anyway... still wanna maintain this post I can laugh and go..Oh!!!! ppppllllleeeassseee..
about this in future...

 Oyster mee suah at Shin lin

dessert at snow flake
So happy...I am now officially Princess of Narcissism...


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stalker Story at The Loaf

Love bread at The Loaf

...have this with mug of latte...I can sing O lal lalala..

Couple of selca snapping...cheh.....this slit eyes woman again?
Today wearing 'smurfing blue' tunic from
Weather is so freaking hot...I am lazy to walk out from this place.
Enjoying the view from my seat....mmmmm while my mind keep playing my own story from each person I saw and pass in front of me....So free ar me???
Guess ... I am totally in lazy mood now...
No more challenge in life so I am becoming like this...
life has been very hard and now when it become so easy...I am thrill on what is coming I decided to play lazy while I can and enjoy the time with this limited time...what am I talking about???
Hell!!!! I don't know....

Hey you... not hot meh???
So lonely ar?

Sg Wang top is it???
mmmm....let me guess...
RM25, RM10 and RM19???

Ah....Chinggu said this one is 'Ben Affleck'???
Crazy ar you???
Not tiny bit or even the ears look like him...
If he is 'Ben Affleck'.... Do I look like 'Angelina Jolie' to you????
Still my mind keep saying this...
Not hot meh?

You back packing here is it???

Not finish yet ar???

I am done!!!
So full now...
But still dare not step out from this hot la..

Omo... a Canon photographer...

Checking the gadget....



shoot again for back up...

call partner to verify...

and...I am out of here...before they chase me out...hahahaha...time to go....
ah...this is the feeling when you laypark is it???
Ah...don't suit me at damn boring...and doesn't make money also...loose money some more...
mmmm...repent ...not to laypark again....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh My Ride

Last Sunday was rolling rolling like spring rolls on my bed.
As usual Sunday, ma...lazy le..
Then my heart keep telling me to bring my ride for inspection although the next service is like one more month to go.
mmmmm....must follow my heart...urgghhh! but lazy to wake up ...wor!!! how???
Then my heart said something bad to like white angel and black angel arguing inside my head...

White Angel : If car broke down when you are travelling ? how??? you going to cry in middle of highway ar???
Dark Angel : ride tip top condition...cannot be...sleep more better...
White Angel : Fine! then if suddenly your ride water dried up...don't call me to help huh!
Dark Angel : ok ok ... lets go now...

Here I am on Sunday morning went to see the mechanic and ask for full inspection for another road trip at wee hours on Friday morning.

Guess what the mechanic said to me...

Mechanic : Aiyooo.... Ah Moy!!! lucky you ask for full inspection wor...
Me : Why la...?
Mechanic : Your radiator...dried up!!! coz that cover loosen up...huh this one if you don't come sooner ...sure broke down in middle of the road...
Me : Whoa!!!! thank you White Angel thank you...
Mechanic : Me not angel wor... I Ah Seng...
Me : What talking to myself la...

Morale of the story.... hehehe I have psychic power!!

Super Marvellous!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Entertain me please

Picture explained it all...huh?
Don't know la...feel like going for holiday but need to save for next year medical treatment. now leave me with this boring mood...

Anybody wanna surprise me????
You are welcome!!!
Please surprise me until I fainted...can ar????

Thrill me... please!!!

Another psycho post from me... ehehehe

Friday, October 19, 2012


Yeah... title is enough to tell everything...shall I continue writing or stop just right here???
Still asking this stupid question to myself... so self conflict!
This few days, starting with my pinky finger on my left hand then the swollen travel all the way to my knee then to my shoulder then there and there and here and there...MY GOD!!!!
Hurt to even drive to work and carry thing...
So hurt like wanna break all my bone. drama queen huh!
But finger swollen... I thought I allergy but then I realise this so called self claimed 'Sailormoon' , 'Power puff auntie' and 'Wonder Auntie'...OMO...almost left out another title...'SUPER Auntie'... forgot to re stock the Glucosamine supplement.
Didn't have this for few months and the result is.....jeng jeng jeng almost become that 'rock auntie'....stiff here and there...pain here and here.
This week every morning woke up totally like auntie 60 years old.
Put down my feet...ouch!
Sit down on toilet bowl...OMO! so painful to get up!
Can I just sit here????
Isk isk isk ....thought wanna ageing in style...
Now where got style????
Far from style!
Not even a style!
So..lunch time quickly grab two bottles for my 2 months stock.
I am not that old wor....but I ate this 50 years old supplement.
Tomorrow need to go for my implant checking.
Damn! this teeth giving me problem.
Aishhhh... .think about this why my body got so many problem one!!!!
I think .... time to visit Korea for 'overhaul' heh heh heh (evil style!)
mmmmm.... wait wait until I can live 'Gangnam Style' then I go for 'overhaul' big time!
But by the time I have that 'Gangnam Style' then the inlation come together....where got enough huh???
mmmmm ...then that time maybe I 60 years old...wanna 'overhaul' also the doctor will say 'you go home wait for him to call  and don't forget to pray more'....OMO!!!! toink toink...
Useless plan huh???
OK...I will think for another plan soon...I need plan B and C and D too....yeah because I know for sure I can't go for plan A.
mmmmmm.... there my spirit kill my own plan before I even started....not so wise old woman. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012


My laziness towards house chores....totally more than everything in the world!
Ask me to choose between sitting in front of computer vs sweeping the floor.
Who will choose that sweeping the floor???
Tell me....who is he / she????
I invite him / her to come and sweep the floor for me.
Ask me to do dirty dishes.....
mmmmm... I rather throw all in the dustbin...owhhh serious!!!!
I can't even find one decent spoon last night!
mmmm... lucky I have disposable standby at home!
isk isk sad with this woman laziness!
No wonder she still alone until now...
Deserve that WOMAN!!!!

Ok back to the story....
Discover 4 boxes of illegal VCD piling inside my room.
Once upon a time when illegal VCD and DVD is famous and you can get it from night market at 3 for RM10 of something.
Now....crazy over downloading free movie online until computer got hang!

OMO! I am dilemma here.... what to do with this????
Want to carry down?
OMO! me carry down this thing?
Heavy wor!!!!
Call for people to come carry???
They report you and people catch
I have many wor!!!!
What should I do???

Then looking at another clothes...OMO!
All look like mushrooms after raining and this is not fresh mushroom.
All this since year 1996 when I first came to KL.
OMO! beyond the pile look like now!
Wanna throw away or donate it....
Yeah ...there is one time I selected some for donation...but I end up feel like all also need to keep because of all got sentimental value.
Damn! this sentimental I end up think all I need to wear and end up not wearing it.
Of course the torn one I throw away but I am not that rough to wear it until it tear ...aishhhhh!!!!

I have many receipts too...
All in plastic bag and files...damn!
All since year 1996 too....
OMO! wanna throw away ...but all also got sentimental value!
WTH! with me????

Ah! tired ranting at the end and morale of this place is officially a junkyard!

tsk tsk day I wish I pray I hope I dream....

I have courage to put away my sentimental value and throw away my junk so my place look like heavan and a suitable place ....for Princess to stay.... God give me some strength here....

Crazy hor??? this entry??? Ya lor! I read also feel the psychoness here....scary!
This is actually my reason for not doing the spring cleaning....kekekeke so evil ar me???

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Omo! since I exercise like 'mad dog' and diet like 'horny cat'.... I am addicted to shop for more and more and more clothings.
Mad dog?
Horny cat?
mind my language!!!
Oppppssss!!!! I just wrote in whatever came to my don't mind me just read further...k?
Yeah! totally crazy over fashion...which I mean korean fashion style.
Am I fashionable???
Hell no!
Just like one...though!
whatever, huh???
As long as I  am happy... 
mmmmm.... korean fashion mean I need to have body like them...
Oh! well.... at this age with this metabolism rate.... take me ages to reach my goal!!!!
I ran 15 minutes...feel like 15 hours...OMO!!! serious!!!
I sweat a lot for 15 minutes and I think ...Oh yeah! my fat melted ledi...
So I stop...because if I run further then not my fat melt but my meat then my bones least I have 'bimbo theory' there...
So called determination to loose weight I have wonder it doesn't work at all....kekekekeke...
Whoever read this entry will be at jaw drop when I said ran for 15 minutes and melt my fat huh???

The truth is...I tried my best ledi... yesterday hit 3km only ...I have bone is hurt!
enough... with my 'hot hot chicken shit!' exercise routine..

Talking about shopping...mmmmm my eyes wide open now...

I am eyeing for this clothing.... nice or not???

V neck orange top

Lime Green top...I wish I can wear that stilleto

shall I go floral

not that fashionable???
Ah!!! as long as I am happy!
My money...anyway...not like you are paying for me...hehehehe me so bad after turning old huh???

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday year 2012 - 12.10.2012

I woke up with positive mind...
Today is a special day!
I want to have a humble birthday this year!!!
Eheh! like I have grand birthday in past year....hehehehe
My initial plan is this year to celebrate in another country like seoul.... ohhohohoho...talking about humble a second ago and now I am bragging...huh?
Talking like all this no need money, huh???
Anyway, due to some reason...I am here in Malaysia and do it my style.... hehehe not 'Gangnam style' but 'Rina style'!
Gangnam style too expensive, wor!
Chinggu due to fly off to Xiamen the next day....
The whole day on 12 Oct 2012, I have my personal driver....yipey!!! so called humble birthday huh

Start my day with shopping for grocceries to give out to Joy Garden Old Folk home near Semenyih.
I don't even have time to grab some breakfast for myself...isk isk... anyway good cause comes first!
Love to see the happy face...I bought them buns too!!!!

Then head to mid valley redeem my CIMB card points...ohohohoho...this rich princess have 81,000 points to spend here....3 years accumulated points...
Redeemed for microwave, steamed iron and hair straightener and curler....
Why do I need all this???
I don't know!!!!
Yeah! totally no idea!
When I was questioned by Chinggu on why I need this????
I just brushed him away and said...this is my points not your points...yeah!!! so harsh response for a humble day like today...
I repent...Chinggu!!!
I will act like humble human now!

My bless Lunch... grilled hotate


freaking boiling hot tofu soup

suppose to be seafood grilled....mmmmm I don't know that chicken is under seafood category...oh! whatever!!! don't want to complaint this time. So eat this all... I don't fancy chicken!

All this at Waku @ Midvalley
Then we head to uptown damansara to collect my Dior Addict lipstick a gift from The Malaysian Women's Weekly...So lucky of my new addict.
Then the rain started like mad dog and cat and here I am caught in traffic jam for 2 hours...

 totally stand still...hate this!!!

Chinggu force me to have cake although he knows I hate cake...
So my choice for this year is green tea cheese cake...
Nah!!!  you better finish this all..

Chocolate lava cake...
Nah!!! you better swallow this all...

My spicy dinner tomyam noodles!!!
Chinggu keep tempting me to buy Galaxy Note....and me with my strong desire self control...reject the temptation like a 'Gumiho'!
Chinhhu keep asking me to choose for 'jade pendant'....with Gumiho style I reject it!
Chinggu keep telling me Jade is good to keep me calm...
I ask him back am I so angry lady...
One answer I received....
Chinggu : ' You always in Angry Bird' mode when ever I talk to you!'
Me : Which 'Angry Bird' am I?
Chinggu : I think you the red color one!
Uwaaaaa.... like that also can ar me become angry bird now!
And princess live happily ever after...without any Galaxy Note or Jade!
The next day , I went to have a hair cut and scalp treatment...yup my hair is growing wildly like 'lalang'. I need a trim! But end up cut it short!!!
The End

Monday, October 15, 2012

Eve Birthday Bash Dinner - Ben's KLCC

Its Monday!!! Wet Monday...
When I woke up this morning with rain sound...OMO!!!
The first thing came to my mind.....
Why today is not Sunday or Saturday???
Aissshhh!!! force myself out from my bed.
Orange blanket....I miss you warmness!!!
Red blanket!!!! I wish I can bring you to my office...ok ok ok..DRAMA Queen!!! stop it!
With lazy ass...dragged myself to shower room...uwaaaaa cold!!! bbbrrr...
Talk about the wet Monday monring traffic jam???
The jamness???? urgghhhh!!!
enough to right feet numb driving to work....OMO!!!
Ok ok enough with my blabbering....
11 Oct 2012 at Ben's KLCC with 2 colleagues for my birthday eve dinner

My colleagues both ordered this fresh orange and water melon with lychee drink
I don't really order drink when I eat out!
I don't really like sweet drink.
Prefer plain water!

Onion ring that make all three of us complaining on Monday morning...
See see see my face...isk isk isk...
cherries popping on our face... 

three of us shared this shepperd pie (lazy to check spelling) 

we shared this grilled seafood spagetti
My colleague blaming me for complaining to the waiteress because our food was late reach to our table...
Yeah!!!! the result for my complaint????
The super spicy spagetti on our table!
I am trying to be positive and tell them I didn't complaint...I just inquiring....and the spagetti recipe is spicy one.... look pale but three of us tearing eating this spagetti!

we end our night with apple crumble...not a big fan of dessert but my chinggu pei ling is a big fan of sweet thing just have a bite of this.
End of story my Eve Birthday bash dinner!