Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jade O Jade

Last year December, I have a one day trip to Myanmar.
Since the meeting got delayed for one and half hour, myself and another colleague decided to de tour to one jewellery shop there.
mmmmm.... since somebody told me I can be more calm if I wear I end up shopping for jade.
I bought 2 of this pendant.
I learn some basic to identify genuine jade during my trip to Beijing. so wasteful to travel eh???
I still learn something.....
Do you know the most expensive and quality is Burma Jadeite.
1. Hold it up to a bright light. 
look at the internal structure. If you see little fibrous or granular, felt-like, asbestos-like intertwinings? Then this is probably genuine jadeite.
2. Hold the piece of jade in your hand.
It should feel cold, smooth and soap like to the touch.
It should take a while to get warm if it is real.
Oh well ...this maybe very subjective, and most helpful when you can compare it to real jade of a similar shape and size.
3. Try to perform a scratch test.
Jadeite is very hard; it will scratch glass or even metal. 
Use the blunt end of a pair of scissors and gently press down and draw a line on an area on the jade piece that is not visible (bottom or end of the piece).
If it scratches glass or steel, it could still be many of the alternatives to jade as well, including the various forms of green quartz and prehnite.
You can perform this test at your own risk. The piece may be very valuable, even if it's not made from jade, and can lose significant value if scratched.
At the end of the is your luck to get to real jade.
Is my jade real???
Well... I tried my best to perform the test.
With amount of cash in hand at that time????
I think mine is 80% real jadeite.
Did I get more calm, after wearing this jadeite????
mmmmm.... now I start to have doubt ...why???
I think my anger is over the top since I start to wear this jadeite.
Is it the jadeite effect???
I am the one with attitude problem....
99% me with attitude problem...nothing got to do with the jadeite effect at all.

Then I read...mine is not Jadeite...I suppose to wear Amethyst...ceh!!!! now I have to start looking for Amethyst???
mmmm....where to put these two jadeite, I just bought???

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