Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I woke up early morning , since I made last minute arrangement with Kyaw Swe to bring me to Mount Popa. My flight is in the evening and I feel its such a waste for not utilising the whole day I have to explore further.
morning breakfast Al Fresco Style in front of Ayeryawaddy River....i love the atmosphere.Bird is chirping happily....with hope that fella didn't poo poo in my coffee...hehehe yucks!

I picked this myanmar's food for breakfast...
Vegies rice noodles
Vegies tempura
Rice with nuts
Vegies pickles

the view of Ayeryawaddy river

snap this woodpecker from my table

ship sailing through Ayeryawaddy River

bull cart on Ayeryawaddy river bank

after stomach full...I decided to have a short exploration in the garden and snap beautiful flowers for my memory.

next will be my journey to Mount Popa which took around 1 hour and Half from Nyaung U.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Good morning!!!
Today manage to wake up early ...yeahhh..no rolling rolling on the bed.
I have many chores waiting...OMMMAAAA!!! Ima so lazy!
But no choice!!!
I need to clean my 'nest'.hehehe..
Last few days the God is very 'piss off' or is God 'sad'?
Either one or both , I guess...
Raining like 'dog and cat'.
Driver like me find it difficult to reach home when its raining.
These days ,I feel driving to work and back home is like total challenge to me.
OK ...everyone who live in Malaysia how terrible the traffic jam is....
When its raining...oh..please... whatelse to tell...the car like not moving.
Everyone turn into psycho on the road.
I need to go through one toll...from and to my office.
One night , its raining heavily.
I brave myself driving through the storm and the heavy rain.
Reaching the toll...OMO!!!!!!
Where is Smart tag line????
The line was like all over the place and totally 'havoc'.
I was so confuse!!!!
Then I end onto the cash lane...
My one hand quickly trying my best to dig out my big handbag...reaching out for my wallet.
I am one driver who can only focus on driving when i am driving....focus focus...
Cold sweat because I can't find any cash....yup!!! my wallet as usual full of receipts and junk...
Yup! I have that you call disorganisational habit...muahahahaha
I finally grab one note.... ah...RM50 note
Reached the cashier I just show my RM50 note
Me : Sorry sorry... I am suppose to go 'smart tag' lane but don't how the car behind push me to this cash lane. I don'y have small note...sorry ar
Toll gate lady : Oh! no problem....yeah...its very bad jam because tree fall down in front..
Me : Ooooooo
Toll gate lady : here your balance...sorry ar... I don't have too many notes...I need to mix with coins...
She then handed over more than 3 handfull of coins....muahahahahaha...
I speechless... just throw all the coins to my handbag...yup I went bag home with my heavier handbag...my shoulder almost broke carrying up my handbag up to my house.
Toll gate ajummaaaaaaaaaa..... you revenge to me ar!!!!!
So bad ar you...
Hauisshhhh... from that night...I prepare some cash on my car dashboard just in case I got push to the cash lane...
Have a good weekend..... more post on Bagan,Myanmar trip next week...I am still resizing the photo.
Busy ajumma...like that lor...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Weather in Bagan is freaking hot, yo!
Me when travel end up become a vegetarian...in real fact I am trying to avoid meat and seafood if I can. But not that hardcore la.....huhuhuhuh
Even my diet now improve with beansprout and baby carrot for my meal....huhuhuh raw ok.
Yeah!  trying my best to be kind to animal!
Kyaw Swe brought me to this famous 'THE MOON' vegetarian restaurant near famous Ananda Temple.
This Restaurant is highly recommended by Tripadvisor.

appertiser ...ground nuts...small ground nuts and I call this cute adorable ground nut and it tasty.
I bought back ...huhuhuhuh as if here can't find ground nut..hahaha
Anyway , Bagan agri industry consist of ground nut, sesame, soy bean and other I don't know hehehe can't remember...Kyaw Swe did told me more but I forgotten hehehehe.

nice set up
although under the hot sun, I still find this place is cozy to have meal

i ordered a refreshing strawberry smoothies...

fresh young papaya salad

pumpkin soup with old grated ginger .
Too much for me for lunch so I end up pack this back home....oopppsss I mean back to room.

they serve me with this flat tamarind sweets at the end of my meal...
huhuhuh on my last day in Bagan, I keep pestering Kyaw Swe to bring me to buy this sweets.
Hehehehehe... he drop me at one shop in town to buy this delicious sweet.
I bought three big bags of this sweet .
Anyway just cost me USD3 for threee bag.
I gave it to my friends and they are all hook by this sweet....hahahaha infection disease hahaha

I also pack back delicious guacamole with papadam...serious back to hotel for 1 hour afternoon break before I continue exploring bagan...phewwww!!!!
I am glad I made the right choice to pack this to my room back with me.
I end up make this as my light dinner...and of course with my refreshing old ginger pumpkin soup too.

I am glad I brought over starbuck coffee roast for my coffee break too....
Lovely time in Bagan!!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Although the poverty rate in Myanmar is unquestionable...yet they can afford to build huge Pagoda with Gold.
When I first visited Shwedegon Pagoda in Yangon, in late year 2011, I was mesmerised by Myanmar people richness.phewwwww!!!! with all those gems and gold....bloody rich!!!!
Then in Bagan they have almost similar one but this one more like a Shrine than Pagoda to me.
Golden....golden and this is bigger than in Yangon and this one calledShwezigon Pagoda.
Built in A.D 1076 by famous and founder of Bagan , King Anawrahta.
This place is the centre of prayer and reflection
The long walkway towards Shwezigon Pagoda

Aissshhh... saw this lady selling that sour fruits...ouch!!! look delicious but dare not try...need to take care of my stomach since I am alone at this foreign country

see see...told ya...Gold

and more gold

and more gold....hohoho... i am rich!!!!

this Buddha pose means....
sort of preaching pose...

this is statue of famous merchant.
he is famous and successful in business.
Most of business people come here offer cash to the status for blessing to their business.

This is the re enactment of Buddha story....
When he went out for meditation in the jungle....
The Genie (there there the one riding on the elephant and look evil) came out and trying to kill Buddha.
Budha then touch his hand to the ground and here comes one of the fairy (there there the one long hair beside budha).
The fairy then use her hair to hit the ground and the water came out from the ground.
Flood everywhere and the evil all died...
THE END hehehe this is my version of story and credit to Kyaw Swe who are good tour guide to me.


young monk meditate under the hot sun...
serious the hot sun can melt one brain you know.
Guess what???
me have to walk bare foot under the hot sun.
I go one step ouch two step ouch...then i ran ouch ouch ouch ouch...
phew!!!! good reflexology...I can feel my blood circulate well...

this younger monk is curious on my camera....he follow me around too...hahahaha adorable huh?
Next post I will write on my vegetarian food in bagan, beautiful view near Ayeyarwaddy River and my last minute journey to mount popa. Stay tune!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Kyaw Swe quickly drove me to next destination for sunset view.
According to him many people is heading that way now and if we late there will be no chance for me to climb up the temple to get the best view.

bus loads of tourist heading that way....mmmmm

me climbed up through the narrow staircase.serious...half of my feet able to stand on each staircase.
I am competing among all those big westeners...damn...
Thing get worst when I am climbing right behind one western woman.
Her big butt almost hit my face!!!1
Don't you dare to fart on my face...hhehehehe...I am just afraid I got blown away by that big fart.hahahaha....my imagination make me giggle all the way up ....hahahaha tiring

stop for awhile...and view that magnificient pagodas...
That white temple belong to the father of King Narathu

there there..one dot

there there...sun is playing hide and seek

there there...don't know what I snap

many people...I am so exhausted climbing up that small staircase and competing among others.

aissshhh... after long climbing up ...only I realise I am at the senior citizen level...
hehehehe all the young one is up there...
mmmm..what to do my capability to climb up is the same with all these old folks....huauauauauaua...i guess I am the only all black hair on this level...the rest is at silver...
so pathetic ar me... tsk tsk tsk tsk...
Due to my lack of patience and feeling uncomfortable because I am among the old one...
I went down to find Kyaw Swe who are waiting for me.
According to Kyaw Swe, weather not so good that day.
So , off I go...
I told him..I am tired and want to go back for sure...


Off I go to find the nearest SPA

and pamper myself with Myanmar style massage.
Serious!!!! this is rough than Thai massage...
I feel like doughnut dough....but whatever it is...refreshing....