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Friday, June 21, 2013


One of my favourite vegetarian restaurant is Simple Life at Sunway Pyramid.
Tried this by accident and become my favourite place ever.
Must try is their ramen nyonya laksa and crispy pumpkin wedges.
Last Saturday, I tried something different....finally I change my choice from the menu...Chingu said my choice always the I want to proof I am not so boring person...muahahahaha...
Happy face waiting for food

peace life and become vegetarian and don't kill animal!

where is my food????
God I don't have breakfast just now and now almost 3pm....
Please use your power and make the cook to prepare my meal first (my selfish prayer!!!)

My face ...become like this when chingu scolded me because of my lack of patient...
Bad attitude woman!!!

My brown rice vegetarian nasi lemak...yeay!!!

Chingu eat this black bean ramen

appertiser or dessert with this mix fruit rojak

passion fruit tea...

getting drunk with fruit tea... YEAY!!!! drama queen started to act again...this time acting drunk with just passion fruit tea...I am totally passionate with my acting now...muahahahaha...vomit blood chingu said! hehehehe

as usual chingu said I over acting with my fruit tea drunken face

started to be more enegertic after my stomach super full

is this how people show loser sign?

Thank you to God for giving me to live with such a bless meal...
Thank you so much!!!

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