Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My Sunday routine nowadays ...determination to prepare myself for company sec license exam and interview next year!
* Wake up on lazy Sunday morning.....huargggghhhhh!!!! lazy mode stretch up...don't ever ask what time I wake up...kekekekekeke...
* Simple morning Yoga for 10 minutes
* Shower
* Do a lil bit of house chores
* Cook my simple brunch (normal just vegetable soup enough to keep me full)
* Coffee break with favourite starbuck instant Italian Roast black coffee
* Bury myself with Co. Act 1965 for 3 hours
* Then cook my dinner (yup! early dinner...as early as 4pm)
* Then bury myself until with Co. Act 1965 until 6pm
* Start my 5 minutes warm up
* Run on treadmill for 1 hour
* 10 minutes abs cardio ( doing my own training ....don't ask for result...I am just started this one...only one week ago)
* Then laugh with running man show
* Shower
* Bury myself with Co. Act 1965 for 1 hour
* Watch korean drama..laugh laugh cry cry
* Go to sleep
* Hopefully God allow me to wake up the next day to enjoy another day of life!!!!
Obtaining company sec license will be my 40th birthday gift.
I may not succeed in first attempt because I heard its tough and I am not so smart matured student.
I will put all my heart to this so I could spend my old time be a powerful co. secretary.....muahahahaha again my evil side come out....my power crazy side reveal....huahahahahaha

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