Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ssssshhhhh...everyone has secret!

So you claimed you are Honest???
You don't have any secret?
Nothing to hide???
Are you an angel?
So saint?
Think again......

Many will think be honest to gain trust from others...
Get real!!!!
No one in this world who's living their life perfectly honest.
Everyone has a secret they hide from others....
Sometimes people pretend to be honest in order to hide their secret from others...

Honesty can be good and can be bad too...

...... and being a living creatures in this world we are aware ...the truth will reveal to the matter how far you want to run and no matter how  hard you try to avoid.

With this statement...don't you think honesty is the right thing to do?

mmmm...depend... if for you being honest will harm other people...just forget it for time being...
find the right time to do that.

I have gone through so much... and I can say timing is very important to be honest.
Honest meaning your spell out the facts and truth.
Facts and truth is very difficult to be accepted by people.
Many try to avoid the reality.
Many living in the fantasy world.

That is all I can interprete for time being about honesty and life.

Whatever it is living our life with integrity is most important out of all.

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