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Do you ever encounter this feeling? ... you don't understand why you doing something not sync with what you thinking? Sometimes...we are thinking of something else and suppose to do something else and end up doing something else...and there you go...gossshhhhh!!! it is totally something else!!! Do you know what is the farthest distance in the world? Since I always end up doing something else from what I am thinking...I came to conclusion... the farthest distance in the world is between our head and our heart! Why? No matter how hard we try to figure out....why we are doing this instead of that and this and that and why this happening and why not that instead of that...confusing right? We will still cannot figure out and never understand why and why and why..... Gosh!!!! I am cracking my head hard with all this why and why.....Good Luck with your surviving mode...all!!!


When we can't see something bad... We imagine it to be much worse than it is. So we feel fear when we can't see it! But when we actually see it... Our worry is cut in half... and when we face it.... It 's cut in half again.... So face it with strong faith and solve it one by one... No point on running away when we have problem because the problem still waiting for us to solve it...just matter of still need to be solved!!!

ssssshhhhh...everyone has secret!

So you claimed you are Honest??? You don't have any secret? Nothing to hide??? Are you an angel? So saint? Think again...... Many will think be honest to gain trust from others... Get real!!!! No one in this world who's living their life perfectly honest. Everyone has a secret they hide from others.... Sometimes people pretend to be honest in order to hide their secret from others... Honesty can be good and can be bad too... ...... and being a living creatures in this world we are aware ...the truth will reveal to the matter how far you want to run and no matter how  hard you try to avoid. With this statement...don't you think honesty is the right thing to do? mmmm...depend... if for you being honest will harm other people...just forget it for time being... find the right time to do that. I have gone through so much... and I can say timing is very important to be honest. Why??? Honest meaning your spell out the facts and truth. Facts and

Don't live like chicken

My horoscope today spell out as " You're at middle of the week and almost the middle of the project which seems to be going slowly and painfully. It won't impress you having to stop this project but this is how things are." Yesterday I was in the long meeting with all these so called 'high profile' leader. Well.... frankly speaking when they open their mouth to talk I was not impress even a tiny germs size. People love to talk about empowerment,authority,benefits,rights, and bla bla bla... all about their own convenient. When I brought up the topic on roles and responsibilities which lead to contribution for the company all 'chicken out' and pointing to others. Morale of these stories...... please be a person with honor and responsible or like I mentioned 'you will become chicken' . It is always services and rewards transaction in our life. No such thing as free lunch! Hahahaha....Poor chicken in this story.... what that poor animal d

Why Blogging is good for you

I started blogging since Mar 7, 2009 .  The same time I started my MBA class. I choose blogging to release my stress due to working and studying at the same time. Being working for almost 16 years and suddenly started to read books and catching up with assignment due date and same time deadlines at workplace, is too much for me. I started with my 'nonsense' online diary and assume myself talking to everyone in the world. Yup! sounds a lil like mad woman but blogging helps me to release my stress in life. sort of my 'punching bag' sometimes. Talk about happy ,sad and crazy moment of mine! Do you know why blogging is good for you too??? below are part of reasons to list down to you... Whatever nonsense you want to write in your blog...just do it! Writing can be therapeutic. Blogging can be good hobby because does not require money...FREE FREE FREE ..kekeke Blogging can stretch your mind and keep your brain active Sometim

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